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Fatboy Bolleke, twinkle, twinkle hanging light… illuminate my place tonight. Wireless, strong and perfectly formed, this little spherical lamp is above the norm. Hang it up or sit it down, this rechargeable light's the best in town.

100 cm hanging loop
0.6 kg
1.5 metre USB cable
20 cm
2700 Kelvin
1 Watt
38.6 Lumen
3.7 Volt
The outside is made of HDPE, the innerpart of ABS and the loop of a silicone rubber
The Bolleke is designed for indoor and outdoor use.
The Bolleke has 3 light settings
You will find the batch number of the Bolleke on the inside of the lamp. This part is manually accessible by turning both parts in opposite direction. This batch number starts with a 7-digit number and begins with 100.
Battery life: Setting 1: 8 hours | Setting 2: 15 hours | Setting 3: 20 hours |
Fixed fitting (LED)


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